Sunday, August 31, 2008

Waiting for curry

Waiting for my curry to boil down because it's a bit too liquidy yet. Once that's done I'll be serving it up and having delicioumomomous curry, woo! While it's cooling I'll even make a video update (see below).

Been cooking a lot the past couple days, comparatively. I made hotel-style scramble for my hungover friend *D* yesterday. It was scrambled eggs with mushrooms, green peppers (ick, I prefer the other colors but can only find green here...) and cheese. Made a side of country-style hashed browns, but since he didn't have pepper I felt they could've been better. Attempted toast but had no idea how his broiler worked... >_<; It was nice to have restaurant-quality American food, though. As embarrassed as I am by it, I'm crazy proud of my abilities in the kitchen. This wasn't my best attempt, but I was a little hungover too; as much as I ever get, which is just disoriented. Could've used some bacon in there, but Japanese bacon is largely fail. Maybe that's why they have so many bacon flavored things! Anyway, I made food. Hooray for knowing how. Made other food last night, though hell if I know what it's called (something Japanese). I suck at Japanese food, but this turned out well. And of course curry tonight. It's a vegetarian curry because I don't feel like lamb curry again. Lamb is awesome, but I don't want lamb curry right now. Dunno.

If I'm talking about food, what's likely next? My life revolves around two major cultural and music. Yep.

Been listening to a bit more Basement Jaxx again lately. I don't know what it is about them, but I love love love their sound and style. I decided to put their singles album on my mp3 player for the train rides to and from work and it's been heavenly. Today I also added Broken by Seether (the version featuring Amy Lee, duh) because I was in a mood, but train rides are much more pleasant with the music. Basement Jaxx's cheeky style makes me happy. Rediscovering them every now and then is always a bonus. Hmmm... guess I just said a whole lot of nothing. Oops. I'mma get back to eating my curry and watching a YouTube video called An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube. The curry's awesome; dunno about the video yet. Here's a video for ya too. Just posted, even. ^_~

EDIT 9:22pm: I just got an email from one of my Japanese friends... "You're so charming. I wanna kiss you.hihihi^-^" Ummm, that's cute, but I'm not interested, yo. I thought I made that clear with the "I have an American boyfriend," line. >_<; Looks like another one I may never see again. Feh, they're dropping like flies. Can't a girl make some friends in this city?

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