Saturday, June 27, 2009

Peachy Goodness

Ever since the first time I came here I knew the fruit in Japan wasn't like most fruit in the US. What you find at almost every market are super-ripe juicy specimens. Coming from the US and buying bargain items whenever possible to this is a huge change. Granted the difference is also apparent in price, but it's still a welcome change too.

Earlier this week Moo Cow and I bought some peaches. There was a guy who'd set up his booth at Moo Cow's station and on the way home we decided to pick them up because they were cheap...1000 yen ($10 or so) for 6 large peaches. The guy threw in a smaller--read: average size in the US--one as a thank you bonus. The glorious thing about peaches in Japan is most of them are white peaches; the yellow ones are much less common. And I love white peaches. And peaches here are HUGE. And they're so ripe that the pits inside are already split. It's crazy. Anyway, Moo Cow said he hadn't had fresh peaches in forever. He didn't know what a treat peaches are here though.

When we got them home I decided I wanted to nom one so I picked a large one to share. When I gave Moo Cow a bite the juice ran down his chin. It was that juicy. His exclamation made the purchase totally worth it. I was going to make a video but I don't think the camera quality can capture the awesomeness. So instead I took some photos this morning before I left for work. Here are the surviving two:

Those peaches are each about the size of a softball. And when I sliced another one to serve with the toast and *amazing* tofu I bought it was just perfect.

Maybe I'll make a video about the tofu I got later. Like, sometime in the next week. Be jealous of all the amazing food here. We have to pay for it, for sure, but it's still awesome.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I live in Tokyo. This is nothing new. Well, at the moment I don't actually live in Tokyo, but very close to it. In about two months I'll be living in Tokyo itself. But that's neither here nor there. This morning I looked out the window at Moo Cow's apartment and realized once again that yes, I live in Tokyo. This is the stuff dreams are made of and I'm doing it. There are people who would kill to be here (why aren't they here then?) and here I am. Granted, I worked to be here and I know it.

Last week I had two people comment on my YouTube that I'm so lucky to be here. Luck doesn't factor into it. I wanted to be here so I worked towards it and eventually achieved it. Not sure why people would call that lucky.

So as I looked out Moo Cow's window I decided to take a photo. This is what I see:

From here it looks quite peaceful, don't you think? This is a residential street so there isn't much in the way of shops, but that's not important here. But if you need to know, the shops are on the other side of these buildings...the main street is just to the left of this photo behind the buildings. ;o)

And now I have to get to work. On my list for the next few days is to write up blog posts for all of the stuff I haven't blogged yet. You may be getting posts every couple days for a while until I catch up. Sorry for my absence. v(^_~);

Sunday, June 14, 2009