Sunday, July 4, 2010

Collagen drinks, lotion chosen by color and chips that taste like dance floor...?


DanSoldierForChrist said...

That was a cool YouTube clip, I found what you had to say interesting. I'm new to I was just having a browse and found your blog accidently just by clicking next blog.

superspryte said...


No idea how they decide Next Blog, if it's random or if there's a certain way they do it.

From what I can tell you're blogging as a class project? Interesting.

SpryteInJapan has become largely inactive as I've gotten lazy, but I update SpryteSnaps ( with a new photo I've taken in Japan every day.

DanSoldierForChrist said...

Yes I am blogging as a Project in general. But its not really a class project, in class we are learning about different programs out there like, ect. I have decided on the side to use my blog as a means to help me with my second book I am writing. Yes I am a bit of a writer you can find my first book at

Daniel Gibbons said...

I'm keen for your next footage, go for it girl, you have a fan

superspryte said...

Sorry for the lack of replies; I've been on vacation in Hong Kong for a week. :o)

Now that YouTube has offered me partnership, I want to start being a little more serious with my we'll see if I can keep up with it better.