Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Japan overreacts. A lot.

In Japan people need to stay healthy because you don't get many sick days. So people often wear masks to keep from getting sick and/or spreading germs. It's a nice system that I'm not really allowed to partake in as a foreigner. That's okay with me...I bet they're horribly uncomfortable.

That all being said... The public or media or whomever decides that people are going to panic is a bit crazy here. I think this article sums up my feelings on the precautions against the swine flu.

The bottom line: I love Japan. Some things confuse the hell out of me. This is one of them.


Ishan said...

Why aren't you allowed to participate?

superspryte said...

Because as a foreigner I'd get sniffed at. If I want to wear a mask I need to also wear sunglasses to hide my eyes.

Shakujin said...

Better look out, I hear those with ankle problems are susceptible to the Swine Flu!!

superspryte said...

Yeah... Well I was thinking I might start wearing a mask now that the number of cases in Japan has exploded. Since my body's focusing on the foot I don't wanna get sick (even a cold) and slow it down. Gonna be wearing sunglasses to hide my wide white eyes too, hee. ^_~

Oh yeah, and I heard white boys are the most susceptible to swine flu. ;-P