Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuff with students.

Photos from my night with students.

The place we went to.

The sashimi we got.

And after we finished it they fried that carcass on the left there and we ate all that too.

Steamed mackerel.

We also got some pork kebab/sausage things that we dipped in egg yolks, some beef liver, veggie tempura, oden, some boiled rice in the leftover oden broth and a bunch of different types of alcohol... And then at the end they didn't let me pay. They insisted on giving me the choicest parts too. It was great and awkward, heh.

And taken on the train by one of the students with an iPhone...

The scarf is because they thought it was funny.


The Shakujin said...

Fish head FTW!
BTW watching youtube videos w/o sound is creepy.

superspryte said...

Yeah I bet it is, LoL.

Yay fish head. ^_^