Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today I went to Quiznos for the first time ever. One of the guys at work gave me directions to get to the one in Ginza. Strangely, his directions were wrong but I managed to find it based on a couple things he said ("I think there's a Chanel right on the corner," but the corner he told me didn't have I found the Chanel and turned there instead). Had the Honey Mustard Chicken Sub. It was pretty tasty. They served it with some strange potato stuff...which I can't imagine being served in the US too, but whatever it was it was pretty good.

I also picked up some delicious deadly jellies that one of the guys at work introduced me to Wednesday. They have this lovely warning on them...

Which essentially says old people and kids can choke on these, so don't eat them.

They're very tasty. I bought peach and grape ones. Stuff tastes like it's supposed to in Japan, unlike the artificial flavoring used in the US. I'm impressed. In the US I'd never buy grape flavored anything.

And now some Venture Bros and bed. Maybe I'll have strawberries and cream too, since I bought some strawberries yesterday. *gasp*

PS - Strawberries and cream in Japan is AMAZING~!

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