Monday, December 22, 2008


Here I am playing catch-up again. This time it's with photos that very well may be older than the last big update, but I don't think so...

Anyway, this is going to be completely out of order and I don't really care. ^_^ To view them at full size (640x480 or rotated) just right click and view the image.

A while ago I was in a photo-taking mood so I grabbed my camera and headed out to run my errands. Mind you, my camera's always in my purse, but hell if I remember it half the time. It gets dark kind of early here so I had to figure out the best way to deal with the lighting. Meh.

My neighbors have cool yards. I love admiring them as I walk around town.

Some of my plant photos are successful. Others aren't. These weren't as successful as the pink flowers, but I like the textures, so too bad.

And there's this neat-looking little place on my way that I always find myself looking at. Something about it just

And on the corner just down the street from the cool place, there's a fenced-in gravel/dirt area with a shrine. It doesn't look like it because of the camera setting I used, but it was super dark by the time I took this so there were no more photos afterwards. If you don't believe me, check the's on.

Here's a few shots from the third (and final) work Christmas party I went to. This was by far the most awesome of the parties. ^_^
Max making Osaka-style okonomiyaki. That's the school director, Stu in the background.

I think it was Thursday I noticed the neat color of the sky when I looked off my balcony. Too bad cameras don't pick this up too well...

Another day when I was walking to the shop I saw the beginnings of the demolition of a building across the street from the gas station. It struck me as beautiful. It's beautiful, in the same way an abandoned building is absolutely stunning while it's heart-wrenching.

I do keep attempting bento, because I'm annoying like that. Check out the mini onigiri!

And on to Christmas around town.

Christmas isn't a huge deal in Japan, at least not like in the Western world. They recognize it's purely commercial and treat it as such. On one hand I love that. On the other, it's kind of sad and lonely. Still, it makes for some interesting happenings.

After an interview and before some training the past couple weeks I've been in and out of Shinjuku. These are some photos from in or near the station. Mind you I've made sure I was there at exceptionally un-busy times so I could get these photos. Shinjuku station is a madhouse under normal circumstances.

The lighting inside the station.

Bakeries make pretty stuff. Haven't gotten around to buying any of the Christmas tasties yet, but I might.

And the flowers. Oh, flower shops here are so pretty and everywhere. It makes me wish I had someone to give me flowers. No lie, I considered putting an allowance for buying myself flowers into my budget.

Yay wreaths. Wish I had one, but the stocking and plastic pointsettia on my door will do for now.

This one might weird some of you out, seeing the Japanese under the Merry Christmas. ^_^;

An outdoor stage for something. No idea what though.

I also got this shot of the station decorations in Tachikawa. What a pink crown with hearts has to do with Christmas, I have no idea.

I'm not without decorations of my own, mind you. My tree. It now also has a little candle next to it that I won at the party yesterday.

And when I'm feeling slightly gloomy I walk to the end of my street and look at these Christmas lights. They make my day every time I see them. ^_^;

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