Friday, September 26, 2008

Media post.

Backlogged... I'm so proud of myself for getting all these done too. ^__________________^;

My Room

During training this was the view from the balcony at headquarters. Yay, graveyard. Japanese graveyards are pretty...

I liked that view better than the view from *my* balcony, but that's okay.

My Janky-ass bike. Or rather, the bike someone left behind that I have claimed.

The old setup before I moved the table (it goes the other way now). The door on the right there in the way back is the front door; I was standing at the opening to the balcony. You can almost see the whole of the public areas of the apartment.

One thing I love that I couldn't find in Michigan was kaiten sushi, so I found one in town right away. This is the place. Huzzah~!

Haven't been there in a while though...

Went with one girl from my training group to help her get a cell phone. There are some funny places in Japan. The first is a bar, the second a used clothing store...

I'm not always eating out though. Some of my first attempts at food here. Today I got some stuff to make bentos--Japanese lunches--prettier (the stuff is practical too though) so I'll actually be able to make lunches, woo!

During summer vacation I met up with some of the people from my training group. We attempted (and failed) to find a festival somewhere in Tokyo but went into a temple instead. I paid 300 yen to put some gold leaf on a Buddha and sucked spectacularly at it. The girl taking the photos didn't do so well either. Oh well. I also took a shot of the Year of the Rat (me!) shrine and the neato lanterns in that room. Then there was some touristy statue of a guy outside so we all took pictures. EDIT: Apparently the guy is Ino Tadataka.

Later that night we saw some awesome watermelons. On those price tags, for ease of conversion let's say one yen is one cent (100 yen = a dollar), or for those elsewhere, two yen is a pence. Yeah, pricey.

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Masaji said...

I enjoy your blog, the some touristy statue of a guy is Tadataka Ino.
The map he made impressed Englishman in Edo period,I read in book.ō_Tadataka

from Yokohama

superspryte said...

Good to know, thanks! I'll edit that in. ^______________^;