Friday, July 25, 2008

Aliens in Japan! With Sandals!

I decided to wait to make a video for this week because a lot of stuff was going to happen, plus you got one mid-week last week. Hope you guys don't mind. ^_~ Yeah, didn't think so.

We had a holiday on Monday. I went with some of the people from my training group down to where the one guy in the group lives. Yeah, seven girls, one guy in my training group. Four of seven of us went. Anyway, we met down there (after an hour and a half train ride for me) around noon and it was a good time. I went into the ocean for the first time and it was great, if completely different from anything I've experienced. Ick to salt. There was a barbecue with other teachers and Japanese friends near the beach, and afterwards most of them went to see some fireworks but we decided to take some rinse-off showers so we went back to the guy's apartment, then for dinner. It was a lot of fun but I don't want to spend hours writing the details. Especially since many people won't read if I give all the details... Hmmm, a losing situation in that case, no? So yeah, here's some pics from Chigasaki (the beach, etc).

The beach at Chigasaki. The actual beach was behind the stands, but we went right here and headed to a less crowded area.

Said less-crowded area. Some of the people at the barbecue. The guy in the middle with the arm tats is the guy who lives out there.

The last round of grilling. Well, maybe not last. I forget.

On the way back we saw this weird procession. They were dancing and carrying this shrine idea where. They were screaming and making all kinds of noise. It was awesome. I tried to take a pic with my phone but failed. This turned out a little better.

I didn't take these photos, obviously, but I'll get around to uploading my own eventually. Yes, I've taken a few.

Hopefully everyone's doing well. I'll talk to you later. ^_^

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